Ayoub El Majjodi

I'm compulsive about leaving a legacy, and making a positive footprint on the planet.

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Who I am

A PhD candidate at the University of Bergen,Norway. I am affiliated with Behavioral Data Analytics & Recommender Systems research group at The InfoMedia department, and with Work Package 2: User Modeling, Personalization & Engagement at MediaFutures. I have received a Bachelor's degree (with honor) in Mathematics and Computer Science at Ibn Zohr University,Agadir (Morocco) and a Master's Degree in Data Science and Big Data (with honor) at The National Advanced School of Computer Science and System Analysis (Morocco). Prior to beginning my PhD, I worked as a research assistant in The Cloud and Web engineering group at Tempere University (Finland).

My current research focuses on two main areas: Behavioral Analytics and Recommender Systems. Specifically, we are investigating how recommender systems can be used to encourage people to adopt healthier behaviors. In the domain of food, we are developing and applying behavioral interventions on top of recommender algorithms to encourage people to make healthier eating choices. In the domain of news and media, we are leveraging the insights we gain from our work on food to personalize how people consume news articles, with the goal of helping them become more informed and engaged readers.

Latest News

Last 5 Publications

Unikernels Motivations, Benefits and Issues: A Multivocal Literature Review

Nabil El Ioini, Ayoub El Majjodi, David Hastbacka, Tomas Cerny, Davide Taibi

The Interplay between Food Knowledge, Nudges, and Preference Elicitation Methods Determines the Evaluation of a Recipe Recommender System

Ayoub El Majjodi, Alain D Starke, Mehdi Elahi, Christoph Trattner

Nudging Towards Health in a Conversational Food Recommender System Using Multi-Modal Interactions and Nutrition Labels

Giovanni Castiglia, Ayoub El Majjodi, Federica Calò, Yashar Deldjoo, Fedelucio Narducci, Alain Starke, Christoph Trattner

Boosting Health? Examining the Role of Nutrition Labels and Preference Elicitation Methods in Food Recommendation

Alain Starke, Ayoub El Majjodi, Christoph Trattner

Nudging Towards Health? Examining the Merits of Nutrition Labels and Personalization in a Recipe Recommender System

Ayoub El Majjodi, Alain Starke, Christoph Trattner